Syndrome of the Present

Syndrome of the Present is a research-based, art project that established a collaborative, trans-disciplinary platform, shared between artists and scholars from diverse geographies and disciplines. A platform, which enables collective thinking in order to analyze the Present’s syndrome and the present as syndrome.The project introduces a series of questions about the essence of sovereignty and the boundaries of the political act; political theology and religious politics; citizenship and the distinction between citizens and non-citizens.

The project is aiming to reaches beyond art and academia, based on the belief that knowledge should be free and available for all rather than made into a commodity reserved to those who can afford it. ‘Syndrome of the Present’ develops through trial and error, accumulating knowledge while exercising life. We hope to turn this working method into one that can be connected or applied to other knowledge generator bodies. As part of this approach, it is essential that people link knowledge to action so that they actively work to change their societies at a local level and beyond.

The challenges of this project is to find effective way for knowledge to be able to firstly exist, and to be spread and shared without being situated within one institution, exhibition space, or school. Therefore, collaboration with existing platforms, institutions, or grassroots networks that already have their ‘users’, clients or students is necessary.

Syndrome of the Present’ is constructed in four stages – research, seminars, production and implementation. Each of the seminars involve walks from morning until midday, in and outside the cities, guided by scholars, theologians, historians, activists, etc. In the afternoon, discussions, lectures, and presentations are situated indoor. The first traveling Seminar took place in Thessaloniki (January 2018), Izmir and Istanbul (July 2018), Amsterdam (November 2018) and Recife (February 2019).