Syndrome of the Present Seminar #2

Day One 05.07.2018 | Izmir, Turkey The seminar began with an introductory talk by Erden Kosova at the ruins of the Kadifekale fort, providing an apt vantage point to examine Izmir’s urban topography. From this view, it is possible to see how the areas located closer to the Aegean Sea, an area where refugees risk […]

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Yeni Cami

Syndrome of the Present Seminar #1

After two preparatory workshops held in conjunction with Dutch Art Institute and its post-graduate students, the Syndrome of the Present project commenced with the Thessaloniki meeting in January 2018, assembling the scholars and artists who are set to commit to the project’s following stages. The decision of starting in the city of Thessaloniki was conditioned […]

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Until The End Of The World And Back

2018 ~ Sunday January 21: Roaming Assembly#18, Thessaloniki, Greece  A symposium on eschatology initiated and curated by Galit Eilat and moderated by Nataša Ilić, with contributions by: Savas Michael-Matsas , Ayşe Çavdar, Julian Reid, Köken Ergun   During the symposium ‘Until the End of the World And Back’, we traced the elements of various forms of eschatology from theology to our contemporary reality […]

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DAI-week 4: PLANETARY CAMPUS ~ Kitchen presentations. Clara Saito, after her stunning performance, listens attentively to the responses by iLiana Fokianaki and Erden Kosova. Oldebroek, December 18, 2017.

DAI – Factory workshop

16th – 17th of December 2017, Oldebroek, the Netherlands Factory workshop is leading up to the Planetary Campus activities curated by Galit Eilat on 20, 21 and 22 January 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece. In order to encourage and support the active participation and commitment of the students in and to the Roaming Assemblies, always on Sundays ( as […]

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